Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oarfish Prophecy before the 6.0 California Earthquake

 In 2011, several oarfish were sighted and found in the months leading up to the 8.8 magnitude quake that struck japan, followed it shortly was a 6.4 magnitude earthquake which struck Taiwan.

Kiyoshi Wadatsumi, a specialist in ecological seismology, told the Japan Times, "Deep-sea fish living near the sea bottom are more sensitive to the movements of active faults than those near the surface of the sea."

These weren't the first times researchers suggested links between animal behavior and earthquakes. Indeed, there's a long history of anecdotal reports of pets, zoo animals and wildlife acting very strangely in the days or minutes before a tremor is felt by humans.

One famous instance is recorded in the history of Helike, an ancient Greek city. During the winter of 373 B.C., "all the mice and martens and snakes and centipedes and beetles and every other creature of that kind in the city left," wrote the Roman author Aelianus. "After these creatures had departed, an earthquake occurred in the night; the city subsided; an immense wave flooded and Helike disappeared."

In February 1975, a 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Haicheng, a city of 1 million people located in China's Liaoning province. But one day earlier, city officials ordered an evacuation based in part on reports of strange animal behavior: Hibernating snakes in the area, for example, abandoned their winter hideouts months before normal. The early evacuation of Haicheng is credited with saving thousands of human lives.

In late August of 2014, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck northern California specifically the Napa valley region. If we think back last year, serveral sightings of oarfishes were reported off the California coast. all occouring aprox 9-10 months prior to this large earthquake. At least three confirmed sightings of Oarfish washing up on the California Coasts spanning from October through November 2013.
Is there a possible connection to the Oarfish and pending coastal region earthquakes?

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