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Malaysia Flight 370 Possibly at an Abandoned Airport in Vietnam?

Lets first take a look at the Facts that surround the missing Malaysian plane:

2 Stolen passports from Thailand possibly 4.
Four identities are suspect, Malaysia Officials said
Stolen passports: One from Italy the other from Austria.

The stolen passports booked tickets simultaneously, the tickets purchased were numbered consecutivly.
They both had connecting flights to Amsterdam from Beijing then one onward to Frankfurt Germany, the other to Copenhagen Denmark.

152 from China, 38 from Malaysia, 7 from Indonesia, 6 from Australia, 3 from US other countries passengers France, New Zealand, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, Netherlands
227 passengers total, 2 infants, 12 crew members.

US confirmed one American passenger named Philip Wood an IBM Executive from Texas.
No country checked its database before the flight on any of the passengers,
they Lost contact 2 hours into the flight.

No distress signal deployed, experts believe that something quick and violent happened since no distress signal was used.
Plane lost contact and radar signal 1 minute before entering Vietnams airspace.

Saturday, 2 large oil slicks were reported by Vietnamese Air force between 6-9 miles long in the Gulf of Thailand; no debris was visible.
The plane has not been found yet.

Malaysia Martitime agency has collected samples of the oil to test to see if it matches the same kind found in a Boeing 777.
Its percieved that the plane turned off course, so search area is widened, air force chief Rodzali Daud  said.
Now another pilot from another plane claims he made brief contact with flight 370, after they initially lost contact, he said he was deep into Vietnamese airspace when officials asked him to relay to MH370 to establish its position, and that he succeeded at around 1.30am – around 10 minutes after the last recorded flight data.

"There was a lot of interference … static … but I heard mumbling from the other end," he said, adding that he believed the voice belonged to the co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid. He then lost the connection.

An airline pilot who flew within 100 nautical miles of the route 12 hours before the Malaysia Airline flight disappeared said there were large thunderstorms in the area, with some turbulence, but the weather did not appear to pose serious problems for commercial flights.

Flight 370 was at 35,0000 feet when it lost signal initially, authorities speculating it may have disenterated in midair.

3 possibilities of what happened to flight 370:

1. The Plane had some sort of mechanical error or encountered major turbulance and crashed into the gulf of Thailand, though no debris is found which is odd, this theory is open till tests on the two oil slicks are confirmed, hopefully we will hear about that later today.

2. Plane had some explosion and disentigrated into the air, from a terrorist attack or by some sort of plane malfunction. Though if this is the case, we may never know, as there will be no evidence.

3. Flight 370 was last contacted by another unnamed pilot 10 minutes after losing initial contact. He claims the plane was deep into Vietnam airspace. Its possible it was hijacked and forced to land at another airport, where passengers are being held hostage. There is a long list of former airports and proposed airports in Vietnam. Its also possible since the plane had no contact, it could of managed to get to Cambodia to a former or proposed airport. Many of the former or proposed airports in Vietnam are left over from the Vietnam war, and are still standing today.  It would have to be one big enough to support a boeing 777, and someone on board would have to be able to land it without establishing contact unless it made contact with a controlled airport expecting the plane. This theory supports terrorist activity. Why would terrorist want a plane intact? Though this is highly unlikely, but not impossible, the only reason I can think of is they would want the plane to use as a weapon of mass destruction like on the September 11 attacks. Recently the US has issued a warning of terrorist activity pertaining to shoe bombs on in coming flights to the us.

   Hopefully they will keep releasing more information so we can have a clear picture of what may have happened, and the families can get some answers and closure.

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