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'Dark Horse' Video Analyzed: Reveals a More Sinsiter Message!

  Top of the Charts number one song in America, Katy Perry's no stranger to getting attention sometimes in all the wrong ways. Earlier this year her American Music Awards performance grabbed the headlines over her 'Geisha' themed performance sparking controversy and a debate on what is deemed offensive. While some thought her performance was offensive and demeaning to women, others thought it was insulting to the Japanese culture. Well surprise she's at it again! With her recent release with her hit song entitled 'Dark Horse' music video delivers a hit below the belt as Muslims are out raged at a scene in the video where one of the men are wearing a necklace with an 'Allah' pendant just before he is zapped by lighting from a sphinx statue and is turned into sand.

   It didn't take long for this controversy to go viral over the internet about this split second scene. Katy Perry herself released a statement saying," "just trying to give a beautiful performance about a place I have so much love for … with no other thought besides it."

   I believe this sudden controversy with Muslims is indeed valid, but is a very superficial look at the video itself. When I watched the video, a much deeper darker message is actually revealed. This should offend everyone, Christians, Muslims, Hindi's, Buddhists, Jewish, all mainstream world religions.

  Starting at the beginning of the video, it says printed on the screen, "A Crazy long time ago in Memphis Egypt." Memphis Egypt is actually a real place about 12 miles south of Cairo which is home to the famous Pyramids of Giza. In Memphis there are many ancient relics and monoliths such as the trio of colossi Rameses II, Ruins of the palace of Apries, pylon of the temple of Ptah, the step pyramid as many others litter the area as an ancient necropolis once called the "City of a Million Years" by Amun who beloved the city. Idol statues of a bull is found throughout the ancient ruins as well as worship of the god Nefertem who is portrayed as a beautiful man then later as a woman said to rise from the primal ocean and bloom the lotus flower.Some researchers claim that Nefertem is actually a later version of Ba'al or some believe Satan. Just as the Statue of Liberty that graces the New York Harbor is actually the Idol Isis, the mother of Horus. I believe Katy is portrayed as this goddess in the video, beautiful as a lotus, yet revealed in the video is actually a 'beast' that rises from the ocean. A boat is shown rowing across the waters, with a quick search on the internet anyone can see that the boat crossing the waters is symbolic for the 12th planet, the planet of crossings from Earth to the afterlife or where it was believed that the 'Gods' reside.

   Katy Perry's makeup, especially her eyes shows the right eye as Horus the sun god and the left eye as the god Set. She also holds up a 'Eye of Horus' to her face, some believing a portrayal of the third eye or pennial glad located in the center of the brain thought to house the human soul. Clearly she's depicting the knowledge of the functions of the brain also referencing the right side of the brain as 'Gold or Golden' and the left side as 'Silver'. This is also associated with Horus and Set and the 'crossing' to the afterlife. Sun is gold, Moon is silver. Just as the keys Jesus gave to Peter, one silver one gold.

  There is a scene briefly where she is naked in a moving statue on a wall with her body entangled in a golden snake with a eagle, wolf, and other anthropomorphic 'beings'. Katy is now portraying humanity with a serpent a direct reference to Eve falling victim to the serpent Satan in Genesis. Basically a depiction of Man's ability to Sin. Notice the wolf's head that moves toward her to bite her theigh, just another acknowledgement Satan's hold on man is strong. There is strong reference to transhumanism in this scene. The half animal half human statues are nothing new, they were gods of ancient Egypt and date as far back to Summarian times thought to be referenced as the 'Fallen Ones' in the Bible, the nephilim. Popularized in the later half of the 20th century by authors such as Zacarias Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken as possible 'Ancient Alien' masters that once enslaved the human race to mine for gold. Eigther way you slice it, this scene clearly shows mankind embracing evil.

  The servants in the video with 'White Cat' heads are just an acknowledgement of 'Kitten Programming' used by various artists like Miley Cyrus. Aimed at targeting young girls and exposing them to inappropriate behavior. Nothing new really, just the industries newest way of making money by contaminating youthful minds. The men painted blue are a blasphemous reference mocking Hinduism's Savior Krishna. Trotting his image around as a slave.

   We see troves of men parading up to Katy's personification of  the God Nefertem, offering her gifts like Twinkies and Flaming hot Cheetos. Both in recent pop culture are described as 'Golden Foods' referencing their 'golden' appearance and their yummy taste. In ancient Egypt not only did the Egyptians revere gold as 'Godly' and wore it as fashionably jewelry, they also injested small amounts of gold to supposedly cleanse the body and bring them closer to the 'Gods'. I assume most people watching this scene in the video think this is funny or 'cool' as Twinkies and Cheetos are popular snacks, yet little do they know they are actually watching a blasphemous mocking of taking Holy Communion, the taking of the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ in Christianity. She eats a hot Cheetos then drinks from a challis. Two blasphemies in one! Then she kills everyone.

  Taking these thoughts into consideration her message in the song is clear. The lyrics basically  state that you better worship me, or you will feel my wrath, there is no turning back. They all dance around while Juicy J raps about banging chicks and getting rich. Nothing new here. Katy then climbs a pyramid and assumes the apex or the summit of the pyramid. The Pyramids of Giza are missing their apexes thought to be taken by thieves at some time. Many scholars believe they once had crystal or golden apexes to harness powers from the gods or the Earths energy fields. Her assuming this position on the pyramids is a reference that the deity she is portraying is  indeed powerful while she summons the 'Perfect Storm'. Is this a message to us that something big is about to happen? Maybe a prophetic message that WWIII is about to begin, or that the antichrist is about to return. Whatever you think it is, one thing is clear to me, its a threat against humanity if you disobey her. Then the pyramid lifts off to reveal its a high tech spaceship again, thought by ancient alien theorists.

  Where does the title 'Dark Horse' fit in. Clearly that title does not fit in with the Egyptian theme. Dark horse is a reference to the coming Appocalypse, the four horsemen. Dark Horse is also the polar opposite of the 'White Horse' which is associated with an End Times Savior. in my opinion,  Katy Perry is not here to help humanity. Only to hurt and threaten us if we don't fully give ourselves to the Sins of Man. This is insulting to ALL World Religions as they do have one thing in common, that we should try to be good to our neighbors and not create sin. All major world religions promote this with the exception of the spin off branch of extreme radical Islam. Katy states recently that she loves the Egyptian ancient culture but does she really understand what she is implying in this video and song? Is she simply innocent and just thinks that pyramids look cool and she likes the cool jewelry, makeup and the color pink. Is this really a message from her handlers? Some one involved understands what this video implies and was set purposely to make a statement. From that, there is no turning back!

Written by ShantiUniverse

Source: Wikipedia

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  1. I have only red some in begining and i have to write this before i forget it. According to other stories about gods Who created the world there was a "hill" that rose out of the ocean, a lotus grew and out of it came horus (if i don't recall wrong). Some theories are that from the