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Predictions for 2015: Year of the Ram

1 Astrology consists of several systems of divination based on the premise that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world.

2 Many cultures have attached importance to astronomical events, and the Indians, Chinese, and Mayans developed elaborate systems for predicting terrestrial events from celestial observations. In the West, astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes purporting to explain aspects of a person's personality and predict future events in their life based on the positions of the sun, moon, and other celestial objects at the time of their birth.

3 Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for meaning in the sky.

4 The ShengxiĆ o literally "birth likeness", is also known in English as the Chinese zodiac. Zodiac derives from the similar concept in western astrology and means "circle of animals". It is a scheme and systematic plan of future action that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes according to a 12-year cycle and it remains popular in several East Asian countries.

5 2015 in the Chinese zodiac is the year of the Ram or sheep.

6 Coincidentally, this is also an important year for Israel, and Israel is often symbolized by a ram, or rams horn...A shofar. A shofar is an ancient instrument, devised out of a rams horn. It is used to commemerate special holidays and events in Israel.

7 2015 is also a shmita year for Israel. also called the sabbatical year. It is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah for the Land of Israel. It is generally a year of rest.

8 Interestingly, according to the Chinese zodiac, the year of the ram or 2015 is expressed generally as a calming, healing year, yet it does specifically point out two points in the year of 2015 that may possibly be turbulent and major changes or upsets may occour. These two periods are between the vernal equinox on march 20 throught april 20th, 2015. Then an even graver threat may be looming from winter soltice on December 21st through the end of 2015.

9 On March 20th of 2015, the Jewish month called Nisan, a full solar eclipse will emerge. followed by a total lunar eclipse, a part of the blood moon tetrad already in progress will occur. These types of celestial events have been reguarded as signs, omens or warnings for events soon to pass.

10 Coupled with the warnings pertaining to the chinese zodiac, it may be more than just a coincidence.

11 In ancient times, it is thought that the three wise men that followed a star to the birth of Christ, are moderenly thought to have been well versed in astrology. It is thought that around that time, celestial events and movement of planets in the night sky, perticularly Jupiter and Saturn and the star Polaris was responsible for letting them know that the birth of a king had taken place, and it was a holy event.

12 Jupiter -- the largest planet in a solar system -- takes 11.86 Earth years to perform one complete orbit of the Sun. In this time, something happens twice: three of the planet's four brightest and largest moons (known as the Galilean moons, Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa) out of a confirmed 67 moons, will pass between the Sun and Jupiter at the same time, casting their shadows onto the planet's face -- and the phenomenon will be observable from Earth on January 24th 2015.

13 In Western astrology, Jupiter is considered king of the planets, in account for its size. It is often associated with world leaders, monarchys and religious figures. the triple lunar eclipse on Jupiter starting off for 2015 is a sign or an omen of radical change may occur within 6 months of the event in respect to world leaders, people of power.

14 It may also signify treatys or agreements that are radically different than previous between world powers.

15 To go into a bit more detail for a prediction for 2015, I look to major celestial events occurring at the start of a year. Perticularly in January.

16 A new Comet Lovejoy, designated C/2014 Q2, is heading our way out of deep space and out of the deep southern sky. Though this comet is starting off in late December of 2014, the main event is set to start off the year of 2015. This comet Lovejoy, or some have nick named it the Christmas comet.

17 This comet takes an interesting journey through the night sky visible to earth, passing through many constellations painting a detailed story of possible events to pass, based on ancient interpretations of constellations in the night sky.

18 On new years eve, a little after January 1st universal time, the comet will be passing Columba constellation. a little faint group named in Latin meaning Dove, pertaining to the dove that Noah sent out to find land after it stopped raining.
Also a symbol for peace.

19 Then the comet will pass Eridanus constellation, know by the Greeks to represent a river.

20 On that same day of January 7th, comet Lovejoy will begin to glow its brightest for 2 weeks.

21 The comet will then cross Taurus and then Aries. Taurus constellation is a very old constellation dating back to the Upper Paleolithic era. Cave paintings depicting this constellation date back to 15,000 years ago. Taurus, the bull, is often represented with birth and spring. It is also widely known through the ancient world as an offering or sacrafice.

22 Aries, since late Babalyonian times has been represented by a ram or more specifically a rams horn. Also a symbol used for sacrafice in Greek and roman times.

23 When the comet passes through these two constellations, it will be high in the evening sky visible from earth. Interestingly, the days on the Hebrew calendar start from evening to evening.

24 By then the comet is starting to recede into the distance, but its intrinsic brightness should still be increasing a bit; it doesn't reach perihelion until January 30th, at a rather distant 1.29 a.u. from the Sun. By that date the comet should be starting to fade slightly from Earth's point of view.

25 In February it will continue north between Andromeda and Perseus as it fades further.

26 Andromeda has its roots in Greek mythology as a female figure saved by the demi-god warrior Perseus from an evil sea monster.

27 With comet Lovejoy passing through the middle of these two figures eigther points to exactly the act of saving one, or is it preventing the rescue?

28 After that, the comet will be passing very closely to Polaris, late in May before it fades away from sight. Polaris has been known to represent different ideas over time. It was known as the north star, the guiding star in reference to the 3 wise men, or in Greek mythology, it is known as the little bear.

29 To coincidence the meaning of this comets journey kicking off 2015, we have a story.

30 Peaceful people or peaceful passage of time will  sacrifice the ram possibly in spring. Powers will try to stop this event, but may be unsuccessful. Russia or the little bear, since the break up of the soviet union, may be involved.

30 With the interpretation of this event coupled with the triple lunar eclipse on Jupiter, and the solar eclipse on March 20th, and the last two lunar total eclipses happening in 2015 completing the blood moon tetrad with the last being only visible from Israel, I believe a major treaty will be signed that may destroy or try to destroy Israel. This event will begin to take place in spring, and may come to completion after December 21st 2015. It may not even be a treaty but possibly a provacation of war, an upset in world leaders or religious figures triggering a massive war.

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