Monday, September 28, 2015

Rise of The Blood Moon Tetrad: The Final Feast Before the Storm

A total lunar eclipse is when the entire moon is shadowed by the earth from the sun. the light that surrounds the earth reflects a reddish orange hue which gives the moon its color visibly turning the moon red, which is why this event is nicknamed a bloodmoon. The prophecy of the bloodmoon tetra is found in the holy bible where it specifies the signifance of  important celestial events and its corrolation with certain dates on the Hebrew calendar.

The bloodmoon tetrad serves as a warning, an omen of major event soon to pass. Its a warning before the storm.

This lunar eclipse is particularly important because it is the last of the 4 bloodmoons to occur consecutively completing the cycle, and it is also a super moon.

This blood moon coincides with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot meaning the feast of the tabernacles, a feast of ingathering.

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