Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hollywood's "Noah" Movie is Blasphemy

  In the Bible the story of Noah is a popular text depicting God's wrath of destroying mankind as he has become corrupt with sin. Today this story beheld by millions of Christians and Jews around the world is once again center stage in the movie Noah another Hollywood blockbuster movie for 2014.
  Hollywood's version though is quite different than the Biblical text that we know, instead it has been 'modified' to not upset the non-Christians and actually hold a quite different meaning.

God is replaced with the word 'Creator', in the book of Noah God is mentioned 20 times, Lord mentioned 9 times.
In the Bible version, great sin man created was adultry, blasphemy, murder, deciet, destructive gossip, betrayal.
 Movie version the great sin of man is described as  degrading the environment, making huge cities, killing animals for food, minning, and development of technology.
Hollywood has actually replaced God with 'Gaia' or Earth, this is not just them simply replacing God with Creator to appease the non-Christians and Jews there is a direct meaning of what they mean.

SPOILER ALERT: Noah is faced with a challenge to kill his family as man is the biggest threat to this earth and he is left standing over two new born babies deciding to kill them. This is not God's true intention, for he loves us so much he gave us his only Son Jesus Christ. God does not ask us to kill our families or other people, actually that is indeed one of the sins of man that God was punishing humanity for in the true story of Noah.

This Hollywood version of Noah is actually closer to the story of Abraham.

Its a movie, and creative licence is permitted, its just a film, but when you take the point of a holy religious sacred text, a  Biblical story held passionate and dear to millions of Christians and Jews throughout the world, and change the meaning, its blasphemy.

The equilivlent of saying Martin Luther King Jr.  was advocating genocide of everyone who wasen't black, and then commits suicide.
The only thing that this mockery of the story of Noah does tell us is that over 2000 years later, we are still talking about these Biblical events and it must hold great weight as still there are those who try to destroy it.

Written by ShantiUniverse

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