Sunday, March 16, 2014

Watch the Full "Worm' Moon Tonight! March 16, 2014

  Tonight's full moon is also known as the Full 'Worm' Moon, as named by the Algonquin tribes that lived in the extended region from New England through Lake Superior. The full moon in spring was given the name name as the ground would soften and earthworms would reappear to the soil surface attracting Robin birds to feed. It's a sign of Spring, according to the Farmer's almanac.

    Tonight's full moon will compete its phase around 1pm Eastern time zone and should give a great presentation tonight of the Worm Moon. A free live event tonight from will give moon gazers an opportunity to look at the worm moon tonight through their high powered ground based telescopes live online. It will provide a closer look at the asteroid impacts seen on the moon's surface.

   Watch the Worm Moon Event Here!

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