Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is Obama 'Tough Enough' to Handle Putin?

   These past few weeks for the Ukraine have been a tough struggle for freedom. Last week the world was shocked by the violence in Kiev that left almost a hundred people dead in  protests against the Ukraine government and their abuse of power. Now with Russia's recent move of troops into the Crimea region and taking control of the airport, President Obama has finally spoke about the situation and growing crisis. Saturday, President Obama and Vladimir Putin had a phone call that was reported to last about an hour and a half. Obama called the situation in Ukraine a  “clear violation” of that country’s sovereignty, according to the White House. Obama also called Russia's actions a "violation of international law" and said they will lead to "greater political and economic isolation," according to the readout of the conversation from the White House Office of the Press Secretary.

   "Vladimir Putin emphasized that, in the case of a further spread in violence in eastern regions (of Ukraine) and Crimea, Russia maintains the right to protect its interests and the Russian-speaking population that lives there," the Kremlin statement said. A UN Council meeting is set for next week so people can discuss their concerns over the Ukraine and what actions if any will need to be made.

   Clearly after watching Obama over the past 6 years we conclude that foreign policy is not his strong suit. While he has focused his entire presidency over domestic issues, it seems efforts from past administrations are not weakened,  and almost seem they were all for nothing. As we learned in the beginning of the year as we pulled out of Iraq with our Troops the country is falling back to the same extreme state is was in when Sadam was in power, maybe even worse. Putin is making this move to over take the Ukraine now because he sees the United States is weak with this current administration in office. Now is his chance to take back the Crimea region so he can have dominance over the ports to the Black Sea.  President Obama can draw lines and make threats but as we saw with Syria last year, they all just prove to be empty. Vladimir Putin is an ex-KGB member and should not be taken lightly. I really don't think an ex-community organizer is any threat to Russia as we have weaken ourselves both financially and politically. America is almost a joke, and Obama is the punch line.

   We can only hope that efforts made in the UN can be successful and solve this crisis fast for Ukraine. Time is of the essence for the people who desperately need someones help. The White House also said Congress will also consider targeted sanctions against Russian people and entities that “undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” and that the Russian government “felt free to intervene militarily in Ukraine” because the United States and Europe have failed to make clear there will be serious consequences. It feels like nothing this current administration says or does makes anything very clear to anyone. I guess when you campaign the stratedgy is the claim you are clear and focused then get into office and be as vague and confusing to everyone.


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