Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Look at the Microcosm within the Macrocosm...

The theory of that we (humanity) are based on a 24,000 year cycle of 12k of darkness, and 12k of enlightened periods. Thats why in the past 200 years or so discoveries/ideas/culture have been increasing with time, hince we made it from horse and buggy to the moon in less than 100 years. The tree of life, in which is reconized by every culture of the Earth past present and future. So the passing of the winged "planet" will mark a change into the "enlightened" period. "Its time for humanity to get going again."BLAST!... Which will subsiquently "awaken" our DNA to posess our 6th and even 7th sense of telapathy, levetation, higher learning power and ultamately lead to the control of our very matter. Of ourselves. (The baby=mankind we fall, take a stumble and then we rise, even greater than before!) Leading humanity to a higher understanding of the Earth and our function with, such as controling features of this world within and merging with its energy, even from abroad. Now we are the masters of the "Son" Sun, and its within our understanding/power as we rise to explore new worlds. Then...(water in hands=we are the creators/masters of life) mankind marching in from the darkness/cold, from the past vested in his ornamental robes, is looking on to the "heavens" from his blasphemist golden spying tube, and sends the "carnal" hunt of Adam with our genetically manupilated companion leading the way into the forrest simotaniously while the passing of a great comet and modern man walks towards the vemanas, at a 51 degreed angle for mans knowledged past, thus walking into the light...of knowledge! The idea of invention soars and the panspermial theroy vannishes.....or does it really seed (comet coma trails) the future of new knowledge, olde knowledge meanwhile the churches rise in arrogance against knowledge for the masses, god for the gaps in which we are begining to understand today, thus the church hall is empty. Flash back, we are in caves painting what we can see, and what we understand while the light of knowledge ( shows a horse which was Mans driving unit for 1000's of years) as "the gods" from the future give a watcful eye over... still shines upward as humanitys struggle of discovery (Christi Columbus) which drives us forwardand also pulls us down like fighting wolves (symbolizing the carnal nature of mankind) amongst ourselves back to our carnal dark periods.....time for your sunglasses cause this is where I blow your minds! "Is above as so below" BOOM! We are concentrating on the microcosm instead of the macrocosm persecuting and passing the blame onto each other burning humanity at the stake, burning the lies and the demon, searching for the demon, yet we are so needing to put a crown upon A head, a person to blame..a person to believe.... mankinds number "six three score six" (Revelations 13:18) along with the fear which is control, but if you let it be as time passes, these events will happen! Explosions, asteroids collide, it will hit you in your face if you stand at the stage of fear. We see the reality of the human spirit of the future, perserverance and we must and will venture outward! It will be an adventure, a long rough ride but well worth the journey, into ...."boom" Masters of our Universe. To seek the apple of knowledge? We are what we will always will be. Yes these are strange days, but they are far from over! Some say these are the worst times to live, I say these are the greatest times to be alive!      

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