Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Russian Spy Ships dock in Cuba! WWIII

  In recent weeks the US has agreed to lift current sanctions on Iran temporarly in exchange for their word in agreement to hault their Uranium enrichment program and disassemble some centrifuges needed to make a nuclear weapon.

  Their diplomatic response was in agreement but their actions showed a disgruntled country eager to showcase video simulations of Iran attacking US targets as well as Israeli cities and bases. Flaunting their power, they have moved warships out into the Atlantic for the first time in recent history. They claim they are inbound for the East Coast United States.

   Now after a robust move by Russia to try and persuade the Ukraine from joining the EU, they have moved 'Battle Ready' troops closer to the Ukrainian border. In response to Sec. John Kerry warning the Russians to "Be Careful". Now it seems Vladimir Putin  has answered Kerry's call with moving a Spy Ship to Havana Cuba, without prior notice. This coincides with Communist Cuba's closest ally Venezuela recently kicking out of country 3 US diplomats accused of plotting to over through their president.

I say again, World War III is amongst US

   This just got Serious!

Century 1 Quatrain 56
"You will see, sooner than later great changes are made. Extreme horrors and vengeances: For the Moon is thus led by its angel, the Heavens draw near to its reckoning." ~Nostradamus

Written by ShantiUniverse

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