Friday, February 21, 2014

Putin rebuilding old Soviet Union?

  In recent days to many it seems clear, with upheaval in Kiev Ukraine of recent days shocks the world at the scale of violence and resistance to join back with Russia and the communist regime, Russia is trying to rebuild old Soviet Union. Since the fall of the USSR back in the early 90's the break away countries left by Russia have been struggling to become a part of the West with freedom and liberty hanging in the balance. Its been a tough long ride for the people as Russia dangles exports to the region over their heads such as electricity and fuels much needed to jump start a struggling country trying hard to be like America.

  Since the Cold War era ended, with Regan's policies helping to finally end a stint of communism plaguing much of the old world, it seems as though 25 years of progress have been unraveling under the current administration of the US. The Obama Administration have not taken enough action or by that matter said much of anything at all, letting the world slowly fall apart at the seams. While Obama is strictly focusing on domestic matters, making Americans lives a lot tougher. Its almost if Obama is operating with blinders on, or like a maid who obsesses over vacuuming one area of a rug while the rest of the house is on fire.

 Vladimir Putin recognizes this failing with in the US Administration and is seizing the moment to push and see what he can get away with. Who can blame him? This is the first time since the Carter Administration in the 70's that the most dominant country in the world who stands for freedom and enterprise is weakened by its own policies and clearly shows signs of incapability of what to do on the world's stage. This is what happens when you put an ex-community organizer up against an ex-KGB member.

  You can clearly see with the recent gift to the Ukraine of $15 billion to the leaders to not join the EU, of what exactly is transpiring. If Russia can regain Ukraine, it won't be long before the rest of the break-a-ways to sign right up and remake a new Soviet Union. I expect if this happens, soon we will see the EU break apart as many European countries are unhappy with the EU's rules and regulations and have been for sometime. With the financial collapse of Greece, Iceland, Spain, and Portugal it will be hard for the leading countries in the EU to have reason to hold together. Germany has recently expressed this concern.

   In 2016, the world will be rewinded to the late 1970's with a struggling United States broke from fighting failing wars and foolish squandered moneys, and a stronger new USSR with Europe left to pick up the pieces of their own mess. Is this the "Change" we wanted? Maybe President Obama can "Hope" for a better world.

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