Wednesday, February 26, 2014

'Putin' Back Together the Soviet Union: WWIII

  A bold move by Vladimir Putin as Russia moves 150,000 troops closer to Ukraine's border and sending warships to the Crimea coast of Ukraine. Russia claims they are just doing a training exercise. After the big push of the Ukraine to join back with Russia after Ukraine's recently corrupt president was ousted and accepted a bailout package of at least $20 billion to not join the EU. The Russian troop movement doesn't look very innocent at all.

  With Ukraine's protesters last week successfully ousting their corrupt president, they celebrate and seem to move one step closer to the path of freedom. Now after that horrific wave of violence condemned by most of the world, it looks as if Ukraine's just hit the tip of the iceberg.

  Everyone is watching what will happen next on the world's stage as small protest groups march in the United States outraged by President Obama's silence on this issue, and for that fact many foreign issues happening now. Secretary of State John Kerry commented earlier today saying that he is warning Russia to be very careful, whatever that means. In recent years the Obama Adminstration has focused hard on bringing about 'change' to the United States domestically. Little effort has been made on foreign affairs as terrorism is breeding anti-Americanism through out the middle east. President Obama's strategy for dealing with the world abroad has been defined as a 'lead from behind' strategy. Problem is this tends to open up a position in the front, and we are seeing a current scramble of countries just eager to step in and seize the moment.

   With President Obama's silence and inaction with world dealings, this raises a troubling position. As we saw with last years Syria's chemical disaster, the United States was tight lipped on the whole situation. If you recall at the time of the Syrian chemical attack, President Obama was touring the Nation speaking publicly about push the Affordable Care Act, basically a 'traveling salesmen' on the tax payers dime to fund his personal agenda. As countries stamped their feet mad at the Obama's Adminstration for lack of leadership on the tragedy of the Syrian civilians amidst their illegal civil war. Then we witnessed Obama fly off the handle and started talking of missile strikes on the region, a 'shot across the bow'. A little too late. It seems this current administration is more like an amateur hour with their foreign dealings. This one situation out of many demonstrates how the current US Administation has either the lack of experience, knowledge, or care for that matter. This should have you worried.

  The current upheaval happening across the world, there are current protests and wars popping up all over the globe. The 'Bear of the North' see's that the 'Eagle' is lame, and is raising to action. This is now a perfect recipe for World War III. If you give an inch, they take a mile sounds like lessons taught in grade school but it seems to baffle our current leaders in office. I am not claiming that we should take action against Russia, but I do know that this situation is not being handled correctly as I've watched past US Presidents reactions an decisions on similar situations all the way back to the Regan Adminstration. Today with the current headlines taking about Russian Troops moving to Ukraine border, I hear Obama on TV blabbing about a new transportation act costing US Taxpayers billions more dollars that we don't have. We only hear John Kerry's voice on any foreign issues, maybe John Kerry would make a better President, now that's pretty sad.

  Should America be the World's Police? No, but when you have been slated for that job since World War II, it's not an easy task just to walk away from. There is no doubt that the rest of the world sees us as such, that's why some love us but even more hate us. We saw this demonstrated with the Syrian Chemical Crisis back in September of 2013. Everyone was looking to us for an answer or for a response for that matter. Just like children testing their parents to see what they can get away with, we see this today on the World's Stage. When the cat's away, the mice play.
When the cat's an idiot, the mice start World War III.

Written by ShantiUniverse


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