Sunday, February 16, 2014

Does Iran Pose a Real Threat?

  New about Iran has littered the main stream media recently starting off with Nuclear talks between the US, Israel and Iran. Some are skeptical of Iran's intentions in the area especially Israel which has sparked some debate over the United States decision to release some of the sanctions on Iran.
  We have heard that Iran wants to become a part of the world by stopping its iridium enrichment and destroying centerfuges needed to construct a Nuclear weapon. Then on the other hand, we hear increasing threats against Israel and the United States such as testing long ranged missiles, making videos depicting them attacking Israel, Tel Aviv, and US carriers.  So which is it? Are the Iranians playing some type a 'game'?   

                                         Check out these videos outlining what has been happening!

It can be hard to predict and read through Iran's shenanagans, but through it all I believe one message is clear. Iran is trying to play two sides of the coin, in one hand they want to be part of the world community as they see it pays off not only economically, and also in a  diplomatic sense. On the other hand, they have the people of Iran who for years have been programmed to hate the west particularly the US and Israel.  They are clearly testing the waters to see what they can get away with, especially with President Obama leading from behind stratedgy. What will happen next is really anyone's guess, as Iran has proved one thing, they got a bag full o' suprises that fuels the news media machine.

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