Friday, February 14, 2014

Full Moon on Valentine's Day

  Typically we tend to think of a full moon as the night when werewolves, vampires and all spooky things that go bump n the night. Taken from an astrological view a full moon mean that the moon is at a complete opposite orbit from our Sun. Higher tides are associated with a full moon. The moon will be in its full state at exactly 6:53pm EST.
  Today is also February 14th, Valentines Day. A day of romance, dining, chocolates, flowers and gifts of affection and adornment. The full moon falls on this night, but looking at this event from an astrology stand point this could be a good thing.
  This full moon is falling in the house of Leo which is a sign of loyalty, passion, courage and the heart. A full moon in astrology is often described as enlightenment, activities and projects fruiting and is likely an emotional time.
    In some ancient folk lore, the moon is always described as a woman or at least given female attributes to the glowing disk in the sky. In Chinese folk lore it describes a story of  a woman named Tschang O who's husband got an enchanted root from a goddess of the sea, she ate the root on the sly and slowly floated up to the moon. Once she was on the moon she saw a castle and ran to it. Unable to return to Earth, she mourns the loss of her husband, family and her life on Earth.
   In Greek times the Moon is personified also a woman and is worshiped as a deity adorned with silver. Temples were built to worship the moon all over the world in ancient times. The moon is also symbolized by a silver key to unlock the realm of those who have pasted before us.

  So tonight's full moon on Valentine's Day is extra special and should be a night full of clarity, emotions, passion, courage and the heart. To quote the popular song, "When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore".

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